In addition to the Caussade Watercolor Exhibition, and for the first time since its first edition,

we had great pleasure for welcoming very-well known Carnettists .

" These Artists use a kind of visual artistic expression that corresponds

in the development of illustrations for a travel diary » . (Wikipédia)

Each Artist uses his instant feeling to express his vision, his feeling, his sensitivity,

facing a particular event or a character, a face, a landscape, …..

What particular testimonies exhibited during this first participation in the Caussade Exhibition.

Thanks to the Artists who know to penetrate us with their passion, their talent, ,

in their instantaneous expression mode, but how real and lasting.

A very special thanks for having introduced us to your Art, oh so realistic .

Looking forward to welcoming you again, even more.


The CARNETTISTS who were present on the exhibition

The Village of Notebookists (Carnettists)