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A coat of arms, achief sewn Azure charged with three fleur-de-lys Or, gules of tower Argent, masonry Sable, in dexter, and a calf Or in sinister.

Everything is inherited from the Caussade Barony


Occitanie / Tarn and Garonne


Communes Community of Quercy Caussadais


Caussadaises and Caussadais - 7300 inhabitants .

44° 09'  44" North - 1° 32'  16" East

Minimal : 95m - Maximume : 208m / 45.73 km2

CAUSSADE and its Heritage

THE ARLES TOWER  ( XIIIth century): 

Facing the bell tower of Notre Dame de l'Assomption, this red brick tower weathered by time, belonged to teh Duke of Sully, Maximilien de Béthune, Lord of Montricoux and Minister of Henri IV. Two of its facades have twin windows. Its rooms house vestiges of medieval paintings showing in particular a large tournament scene where two knights compet in front of ladies..

Site classified as a Historic Monumentle 1989 november 23th.

THE "TAVERNE"  ( XIIIth and XVth centuries):

This former seignioral house was the property was the healthy draper merchants (Les Missolières).

THE "ARBOT" HOUSE (XIVth century):

Family Residence of Consul Dupuy, organizer of the defense of Montauban against Louis XIII, in 1621. It is a long brick building located  "Haut"e Street, which retains a door and a passageway on the alley.Note also three well-preserved twinned bays.

THE "CAÏFFA" HOUSE was inhabited by a peddler in a small grocery store.


Of the original building, only the brick bell remains, in toulousian art, 54m high. The rest of the church was rebuilt during the XIXth century, in néo-gothic style, and the Chapelle du Sacré-Coeur painted by Louis Cazottes  (1846-1934).

LES RECOLLETS  (XVIIth century) :

The cloister and the college were built to promote catholic education during the reconquest from Protestantism.

THE "MALEVILLE" TOWER  (XVIIème century) :

This tower were built under the reign of Louis XIV on the ramparts of the City (Porte Vermeille) by the Family Pierre De MALEVILLE.

It is now classified with its dovecote in the additional inventory of the historical monument heritage .

THE "EUGENIE" FOUNTAIN sponsored by Empress Eugénie de Montijo, Napoléon III wife.

THE "THOURON" FOUNTAIN, formerly called "Fontaine Vermeille", fed the City ditches in the Middle-Ages. It is erectid above two underground sources  shelted in two vaulted rooms made accessible by a double flight staircase. In rhe middle of the XIXth century, the stairs were buried and the monumental fountain built above one of the basins. Thanks to a pumping system , people of Caussade collected the water that came out from two cast iron lion heads.

This recently rehabilitated place is a must-visit.